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Voice Over Dubbing

Voice Over Dubbing

The emerging of globalization brings businesses and market places to a new extent where multilingual communication plays more important role than ever. The outcome is that Audio translation or voice over dubbing capture a new market for business players. It is one of biggest growing area in linguistic translation industry. It is quite crucial job as this kind of spontaneous translation involves linguistic translation, tone and localization of native language and you cannot afford to make errors in that. The native speaker can instantly notice and point out the errors. Voice over dubbing required definite attention to dialects and specific vocabulary.
It is essential to deliver the voice over dubbing in an accurate tone to convey the right message to the audience. Otherwise it will change the meaning of entire message. Sai translation services offer cost effective voice over dubbing for medical & healthcare, legal and finance and for engineering and technical industry. We perform multiple level of filtration or quality check to deliver a single job. The translation script goes through various levels of technical specifications. Our team of linguistic experts, script translators, proof readers, voice recorders, dubbing artist and video editor makes the job complete. The quality of every dubbing project we work on is benchmark against quality control procedures.
Our dubbing audios include conversion of high volume of audios into multiple languages more efficiently than a studio recorded voice over dubbing. These audios can be used as training materials or as corporate presentations to reach a wide multilingual audience. It can also be used for recorded conference and events. You simply need to play the audio for your audience.

Formats for Voice over dubbing

  • Audio transcription translation or Audio to Text; when the source language is audio recorded, and the final delivery is a written document translation, transcribed from the audio recording.
  • “Voice-over dubbing” or “audio-to-audio” where audio from one language is translated and recorded into audio in a different language. The recorded voice will be send to the translator and upon hearing the message, the translator note down the entire message and then record the translated version in the proposed target language. Many audio translations include video translation as well.
  • For commercial use, our audio translators can provide either direct audio translation (dubbing) to match lip movement, or a localized version of the source language, synchronizing lip movements, emotion and other sound effects if needed.

Languages for Voice over dubbing

We offer effective voice over dubbing in 90+ languages by native speakers to ensure high quality audio with complete confidentiality of information. Organizations that work internationally can benefit from our voice over dubbing services. It directly inter-connects you and your business with target nation.

Advantages of Voice over dubbing

  • Audio recordings as marketing tool: Audio recordings are a wider concept depending upon the market and nature of business. Some of the voice over recordings is for e-learning process, or for an audio book material, for language learning software with audio commands. Audio transcripts with a localized accent for a website can attract a wide range of clients.
  • Many companies add videos on their websites with information about their products and services. It is one of the great tools to market and sell their products or services to the potential buyers as they will get a feel of the products or service offered.
  • Businesses that wanted to emotionally connect with their clients can make more profitable and loyal customers. And if you would like to connect with your customer on emotional grounds, you need to communicate with your customer in their native language. Our audio recording services will support you to communicate and convey your message effectively to your customer in their language.

Video Editing

We at Sai Translation also offer video editing services to our customers. We posses latest edit equipment that enables us to deliver high quality video editing which makes us ahead in the competition. We have a team of editors with extensive experience in making and editing of all formats of videos. We have dedicated to professional approach and customer oriented process to deliver high quality audio-video services with focus on minor details. We always welcome your suggestions to improve the quality of videos. If you are looking for video editing services for your brand promotion or for your business meets, either large or small videos, you are at right platform. We are into services from years helping business to create and edit videos.