Corporate Training

Corporate Trainings

Sai Translation Services offers corporate trainings to multinational companies to upgrade soft skills of their employees and to make them fit for various assignments. There is a saying that "one customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $ 10,000 worth of advertising".

Our Corporate Training Programs includes following:

1. Voice and Accent Training

This course for training the people who are hindered by their heavy mother tongue influence.
Key Features:

  • Global accent
  • American Slangs
  • Difference in US and UK English
  • Nasal and throaty
  • Pitch and tone training
  • Vowel and consonants sounds

Duration: 4 hours to 20 hours (Depends on Industry and no of employees)
Fee: Please contact us for more details

2. Employee Skill development Training

Employee skills development training is a wide area covering multiple kinds of employee learning. It helps employees to learn particular skills to improve performance in their current roles. An employee training creates a supportive workplace. It allows an organization to strengthen the skills of the employee that needs to improve. The training program develops employees to a higher level.
Benefits of Training Program to Management and Employees:-

  • It helps leadership to develop a confidence in staff to delegate their work to them. The training program makes them capable to manage the task efficiently.
  • The training program facilitate the management to classify the skills of employees to assign a job matching their skills
  • It helps in enhancing the communication skills of the employees to communicate effectively.
  • It helps leadership to define clear and focused goals of the company to employees based on their skill development
  • It helps in boost the morale of the employees to work effectively
  • It also help to analyze expenses and cost cutting for the company
  • It support to enhance the work efficiency of the employees
  • It enables the decision makers to analyze the complete picture of business and its future goals on the basis of their developed Human Resources.

3. Personality Development Training

This course is to improve and change†inner traits like Attitude, Confidence, Deportment and Perception. It also comprises of improving†physical appearance, grooming†body language†and steering students towards a positive approach in†life.
Key Features:-

  • SWOT analysis
  • Role of motivation and leader management
  • Inner personality development
  • Filling the GAP: Grooming, attitude, personality
  • Body Language
  • Stress Management
  • Time management

Duration: 4 hours to 20 hours (Depends on Industry and no of employees)
Fee: Please contact us for more details

4. Foreign Language Trainings

Knowledge of a foreign language and culture will enhance performance of employees in their job. It is an additional skill, to conquer the mind of your foreign client by speaking in their language. ďDonít you think that your employees have a competitive edge, while talking to or indulging in negotiation or working with a foreign company, if your employees speak their language and try to understand, what your foreign clientele to convey to you?"
We offer language trainings for following languages:-

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Russiany
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Japanese

5. Inter cultural Trainings

Companies sending employees to foreign countries for various international jobs such as taking part in foreign tenders, indulging in foreign business, for business negotiation, taking part in foreign trade fairs and exhibitions etc. It is essential to provide a basic cultural training of the native country as every country has its own different culture. And to stay over there for a period of time, it will be beneficial for the person to accommodate and communicate with general public and culture.

  • Doís and Doníts of a country, in which your employee is going to work or you are going to work, Social taboos and general prohibitions of particular foreign language and culture
  • All important aspects in respect of cultural sensibilities, business etiquette, existing in a particular country.
  • Basic language requirement of your daily life Ė with various examples, Hearing, understanding and talking of various negotiations, conversations, and trade fair practices,
  • Food Culture, Breakfast etiquette, Beer and Wine culture of a target country
  • Greetings, numbers, and basic knowledge of communication, and how to deal with females, elder people and other sections of the society.
  • Dress code, life style, basic geography, mode of transportation, weather and clothing, mode of transportation, different technology in daily life, like different sockets, different perception about night life.
  • Body language, table manners, and other related issues like office discipline and importance of punctuality, importance of keen attention in a meeting, keeping the mobile on silent mode, etc, to make your personality and company more attractive
  • Basic knowledge of country legal culture, means, rules and regulations like how to manage your daily life in a new legal environment, for eg: traffic rules, importance of respecting various signals, requirement of driving license, general documents to carry with yourself while travelling or driving, and basic knowledge of tax issues
  • HR issues and management practices in a company- What to talk, how to speak and behave in various occasions, how to express your disagreement, how to manage your negotiations
  • Weather information, basic contact with your local community, knowledge about local restaurants, and other local sensibilities
  • Local dialect and culture besides the best place for lodging and famous places to spend your leisure time and a how to transition smoothly into the local culture.
  • Religion and holy places, Geography, restricted areas, small history of a target country, visa and immigration rules and regulations, assistance in organizing your visa, time difference etc